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What Our Customers Are Saying


The best & must have collection for Haji or Umrah. Comfy & n elegant.

Rita Rahmahwati
★★★★★ soft & comfortable! I am in ihram & now at Arafah waiting for wukuf time. Photo was taken during Subuh time at Arafah on 9 July 2022. The white set was bought earlier from the black set actually. Luv them both!


Alhamdulillah.. sepanjang perjalanan dan semasa di Madinah dan Mekah sgt selesa

Noor Liza

Cantik sangat2 dan sangat selesa bila di pakai. Kain pun x panas. Sgt sesuai dipakai utk solat. Wudhu friendly. I love it very much. Thank you.


Comfortable & price are perfect..there's pocket and material of the jubah are cold..and suitable to gift present. I already give present to my mom & sister for their Umrah..and they love it..Tq Mardina Saffiya