⚠️ Mahira™ - Limited Raya 2024 Edition

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Introducing the Mahira™ Syarie Dress

Elevate Your Raya Experience with Elegance and Comfort

Experience Luxury, Comfort, and Modesty Like Never Before

As the joyous season of Raya approaches, immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of our Mahira™ Syarie Dress.

Designed to captivate hearts and turn heads, this dress is more than just attire—it's a symbol of empowerment and cultural pride.

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Mahira™: Where Elegance Meets Expertise

Introducing Mahira™, where elegance meets expertise in Muslim women's attire, drawing inspiration from the Arabic word "Mahir," meaning skilled or talented.

Each Mahira™ dress is a testament to the mastery and dedication of our artisans, meticulously crafted to showcase sophistication and charm.

Experience the unparalleled quality and beauty of Mahira™ attire and let your style speak volumes about your own talent and sophistication.

Adorned with GoldenGlimmer™ Lace for a Touch of Glamour

Indulge in luxury with our Mahira™ Syarie Dress, featuring intricately crafted GoldenGlimmer™ lace on the cuffs and front layer.

Each detail exudes opulence and sophistication, ensuring you stand out with every step.

Embrace Your Figure with RoyalePrincess™ Signature Cut

Experience the perfect blend of style and modesty with our exclusive RoyalePrincess™ cut.

Designed to flatter every figure, this signature cut accentuates your curves while honoring Islamic principles.

LuxeRose™ Chiffon and DubaiCrepe™ for Unmatched Comfort

Immerse yourself in luxurious comfort with our Mahira™ Syarie Dress, crafted from imported LuxeRose™ Chiffon and DubaiCrepe™ fabrics.

Soft to the touch and breathable, these premium materials ensure you stay cool and comfortable all day long.

Other Features of Mahira™ Syarie Dress

Vibrant Color Selection

Choose from 9 Stunning Shades to Suit Your Style.

Perfect Fit for Every Woman

Available in Sizes from S to 2XL

Convenient Features

Chest and Cuff Zippers for Easy Wear and Wudhu

Authenticity Guaranteed

Each Dress Comes with an MS® Golden Metal Tag

Limited Edition

Only 500 Pieces Available for Raya 2024

Complimentary Mahira™ Premium Shawl

Complete Your Ensemble with Style

Limited Quantities Available for Raya 2024

Make a Statement this Raya with Mahira™ Syarie Dress

Limited availability of the Mahira™ Syarie Dress exclusively for Raya 2024. Embrace elegance and grace today.

Mahira™ Syarie Dress - Mardina Safiyya®
Mahira™ Syarie Dress - Mardina Safiyya®
Mahira™ Syarie Dress - Mardina Safiyya®
Mahira™ Syarie Dress - Mardina Safiyya®
Mahira™ Syarie Dress - Mardina Safiyya®
Mahira™ Syarie Dress - Mardina Safiyya®
Mahira™ Syarie Dress - Mardina Safiyya®
Mahira™ Syarie Dress - Mardina Safiyya®
Mahira™ Syarie Dress - Mardina Safiyya®
Mahira™ Syarie Dress - Mardina Safiyya®

Mahira™ Syarie Dress

  • Free Qairani™ Shawl for a limited time with each purchase.
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Size chart

Mahira™ Syarie Dress Sizing Chart

Bahagian/Ukuran (Inci) S M L XL 2XL
Bahu 14 15 16 17 18
Dada 36 38 40 43 46
Labuh Cardigan 48 48 48 49 49
Labuh Tangan 22 22 22.5 22.5 23
Lilit Ketiak 17 18 19 21 22
Pinggul 44 45 46 47 48
Lilit Lengan 8 8 9 10 10
Labuh Jubah 56 56 56 57 57
  • Premium collection of Mardina Safiyya®
  • Premium Quality
  • High Quality Fabric

Experience the epitome of elegance and sophistication with Mahira™. This exclusive dress is meticulously crafted with premium materials and exquisite detailing to ensure you stand out in style. Limited to just 500 pieces, Mahira™ is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. Reserve yours now and elevate your Raya ensemble to new heights of glamour and grace.

Please note that our shipping and delivery times for this clothing offer are currently estimated to be between 3 - 5 business days (for stock-ready item).

Secure your Mahira™ Syarie Dress now for delivery in the 3rd to 4th week of March 2024, just in time for Raya celebrations.

This may vary depending on your location and other factors such as customs clearance and unforeseen delays.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.

If you have any questions or concerns about the shipping and delivery of your order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your business and we look forward to delivering your items to you soon.


Absolutely! Crafted from premium LuxeRose™ Chiffon and DubaiCrepe™ fabrics, our dress offers unmatched comfort and breathability, perfect for all-day wear during Raya festivities.

Yes, our dress features convenient chest and cuff zippers, making it ideal for breastfeeding mothers and those who need easy access for wudhu.

Each Mahira™ Syarie Dress comes with an MS® Golden Metal Tag, guaranteeing its authenticity and superior quality.

MS® Feedbacks.


The best & must have collection for Haji or Umrah. Comfy & n elegant.

Rita Rahmahwati

Alhamdulillah..so soft & comfortable! I am in ihram & now at Arafah waiting for wukuf time. Photo was taken during Subuh time at Arafah on 9 July 2022. The white set was bought earlier from the black set actually. Luv them both!


Alhamdulillah.. sepanjang perjalanan dan semasa di Madinah dan Mekah sgt selesa

Noor Liza

Comfortable & price affordable..design are perfect..there's pocket and material of the jubah are cold..and suitable to gift present. I already give present to my mom & sister for their Umrah..and they love it..Tq Mardina Saffiya


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